About Us

Lexmo-Suisse Malaysia Total Health & Beauty Centre has been incorporate since 1997. We are Total Health Specialist based in Kuala Lumpur. Thousands of patients have proven a safe and effective treatment.

We are specialist in Anti-Aging Live Cell Therapy products imported from Switzerland:

  • Lexmo Suisse Placenta
  • Lexmo Suisse Skin Care Series
    • Lexmo Cell Renewal Cream
    • Lexmo Nano Gold-Crystal Skin Tonic
    • Lexmo Nano Gold Crystal Mask
    • Lexmo Nano Pure White Vitamin C
    • Lexmo Sunblock With Vitamin C Spf30
    • Lexmo Placenta Spa Soap
You can have it !

• Look beautiful
• Feel younger
• Stay healthier
• Extend the vitality for senior years

Only the rich and famous make countless trips to Switzerland to visit exclusive clinics to enhance and extend the quality of life by revitalizing inner health and maintaining a much younger appearance.

Now, you too can experience the anti-aging power of Cell Therapy. Rather than making expensive trips to Switzerland , you can actually obtain this therapy in Malaysia!